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Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 Reinforced 15 Ft. Water Trampoline 00150
Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 150 Reinforced 15 Ft. Water Trampoline 00150

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Price: $2,499.00

Product Code: 00150

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Get some serious summer fun for the whole family with the RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse patented water trampoline! The revolutionary Eclipse has been uniquely designed to provide 30% more jump surface, 50% faster set-up, and a 30% reduction in weight for easier handling to and from the water. The Eclipse 150 is 15 foot in diameter and comes complete with RAVE's High Speed Inflator/Deflator and Anchor Connection Kit.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse is the most unique water trampoline on the market. RAVE's patented design has removed the heavy steel frame from the perimeter which provides:

  • 30% more jump surface
  • 50% faster set-up
  • 30% reduction in weight
You'll have MORE time this summer to spend with your family without having the hassle of setting up traditional water trampolines. If you're wondering if the removal of the frame hurts jump performance as other companies claim, the answer is no! RAVE water trampolines are made with the best quality materials and engineering capabilities on the market. We do not "cheapen" our products in any way. Our goal is to make the best product that will last you the longest and keep you happy. It is important to remember that water trampolines are not like land trampolines where you are going to get huge jumps in the air. When you jump on a water trampoline, the water absorbs some of the jump. For maximum performance, ensure that the tube is properly inflated. The tube should feel as firm as a basketball at the touch. Be sure to check our FAQs for more information. Each Eclipse model includes a RAVE High Speed Inflator/Deflator, an Anchor Connection Kit, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

More Info

How long does it take to set up the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
It takes 25-60 minutes to set-up your Eclipse depending on the size. Since RAVE has the only frameless water trampolines on the market, we have reduced the set-up and take-down time by 50 percent.

How do you inflate the Aqua Jump Eclipse tube?
Your Eclipse purchase includes a RAVE High Speed Inflator/Deflator. With this inflator, it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes to inflate the Aqua Jump Eclipse tube, depending on the size.

Can I use an Air Compressor to inflate the tube?
We do not recommend the use of an air compressor as over inflation can damage the tube. RAVE's commercial grade products are fully inflated with only 1-2 PSI of air pressure. The high pressure output of most air compressors can easily cause over inflation if not monitored properly during the inflation process. Please note that if an air compressor is used and a seam is damaged your warranty is considered void.

How do you deflate the Aqua Jump Eclipse tube?
You can use the RAVE Sports High Speed inflator/deflator, positioned in reverse, to swiftly deflate the tube. Another option is to lock the valve open on the tube and let the air naturally flow out of the large opening of the valve.

What is the tube made of?
The tube material is the same high-grade material used in many ocean-going inflatables and inflatable military boats. It's a 1000 Denier Polyester with 28 oz. UV treated PVC. All seams are heat-welded for maximum strength and doubled at key stress points. We do not use natural rubber or natural rubber latex in any of our products. Therefore, people with allergic reactions to latex should not have any problems using our products.

Can the Aqua Jump Eclipse be used in salt water?
Yes, the Eclipse can be used in the ocean and other salt water locations. In addition to the UV-treated material, the Eclipse's springs and V-rings are made from heavy gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel. Because of the salt-water environment, springs may need to be replaced more frequently. Stainless steel components are also used where practical.

Will the Aqua Jump Eclipse fade in the sun?
The tube will retain its brilliance for years because UV inhibitors are specially blended into the chemistry of our PVC materials. We also recommend using 303 Aerospace Protectant as a secondary topical agent (like sunscreen for your skin) to prevent fading and degradation. 303 also helps restore lost color and luster, making your Aqua Jump Eclipse vinyl look like new. Periodic application of 303 Protectant will provide the best results.

Can the Aqua Jump Eclipse be left out in the water?
Most people leave their Eclipse in the water for the season. There are two things to consider: 1) your local regulations regarding anchoring and 2) if the area is consistently exposed to high winds. In those parts of the world where the water never freezes, the Aqua Jump Eclipse can be left in all year.

How deep does the water need to be to use the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
You should anchor your Eclipse in at least 10 feet of water in an area at least 30 feet from any docks, boats or other obstructions.

How do you anchor the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
Sufficient anchoring methods will vary depending on your local conditions (i.e. water depth, type of water bottom, exposure to high winds or water current, etc.). Please consult with local authorities (i.e. dock and lift dealerships, marinas or your local water enforcement officials) to understand proven anchoring methods or anchoring restrictions in your area. A heavy duty harness is included with your Aqua Jump Eclipse. The anchoring method you select should attach to the swivel ring on this harness.

    Tips for Anchoring:
  • We recommend using a shock cord as a part of the anchor line to help absorb vertical movements of the Eclipse due to waves and normal use. An Anchor Connection Kit is included with your initial purchase. If you are in need of a replacement, you can call us to order a replacement at 877-290-6706
  • Choose a location most protected from wind and water currents.
  • A minimum of 60 lbs. of anchor weight is recommended for most applications. However, Aqua Jump Eclipse's on larger bodies of water may require more.
  • Bell anchors are not recommended since they are easily dragged, especially on firm bottoms. Multiple foundation blocks are commonly used on soft bottoms. Screw-type or more permanent toggle-style anchors are typically used in more extreme conditions.
  • Recommendations for anchor line length can be found in your owner's manual.

How do you transport the Aqua Jump Eclipse on the land and water?
You should enlist two or three people to help you lift and carry the 12 and 15 foot Eclipse's from land to water, and four to five people for the 20 foot Eclipse. DO NOT DRAG. RAVE doesn't recommend towing the Aqua Jump on the water, although it can be transported at very low speeds.

Can the Aqua Jump Eclipse be used as a land trampoline? The Eclipse was not designed for use on land. Like any inflatable product, the Eclipse tube should not be exposed to rough edges or sharp objects like rocks and sticks.

How high can you bounce on the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
The bounce height depends on the firmness of tube inflation and weight and strength of the bouncer. It won't perform exactly like a land trampoline because the water absorbs some of the bounce from the inflated tube. The trampoline surface is designed so you won't hit the water below, even with really big bounces. Some water may splash up, however, from the wave action caused by the tube.

Can you bounce higher on the bigger Aqua Jumps Eclipse?
The size of the Eclipse is not related to the bounce height.

Do you need a permit for the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
Most areas do not require any special permits, however, you should check with your local authorities or DNR to determine permit requirements in your area.

How do you repair the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
You can locate a leak in an inflated product by spraying the tube with soapy water. When you find the leak and determine the hole size, use a patch from the repair kit and cut a swatch 1 inch wider than the hole. Deflate the product and clean the area around the hole with rubbing alcohol. Apply glue from the repair kit to the patch and the area around the hole. Let the glue dry approximately 2 minutes until it becomes tacky. Stick the glued parts to each other and rub them together using a hard, smooth, flat surface. Let the patch dry for at least 24 hours before inflating. For bigger holes and tears, follow the same procedure but put a patch on the inside as well as the outside.

What is the warranty on the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
RAVE offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for defects in material or workmanship, most typically seam failure. The warranty does not include any acts of God including storm, and animal damage, or normal wear and tear. If you have questions regarding our warranty policy, or if your product may be covered under warranty, call us at 877-290-6706

How do you maintain and store the Aqua Jump Eclipse?
First clean the entire inflatable with soap and water or other mild cleansers prior to storing. Do not use petroleum based or vegetable oil based cleaners. After the tube dries, deflate the tube. Roll the tube loosely and place in a vented container. (A large plastic storage container, Rubbermaid or a similar brand, works well to store the tube and keep safe from rodents). If you own a Classic Aqua Jump, some people prefer to keep the trampoline frame intact and lean it against a wall instead of taking all the pieces apart. DO NOT power wash your Eclipse as it does damage the tube. Power washing does void your warranty if damage occurs.

How is the Aqua Jump Eclipse different from other water trampolines?
The Aqua Jump Eclipse is the original water trampoline, manufactured by RAVE Sports. We are experienced leaders in this industry and the quality of the product shows it. The Aqua Jump Eclipse is designed for the rugged wear-and-tear use exhibited by camps and resorts and has:

  • No heavy steel frame resulting in a 30% larger jump surface, 30% reduction in weight and 50% faster set-up.
  • Great accessories like the Aqua Launch, Aqua Log, Aqua Slide and Slidewalk to enhance the fun.
  • All welded construction (No Glue!). Seams stay firmly sealed even in the hottest sun.
  • A Halkey-Roberts valve having a large orifice diameter that allows you to easily inflate your tube. It's a commercial-grade valve that has a rotating open/close stem that's easy to use. One really convenient feature of the Eclipse is that this valve is located on the tube above the water line, in case you need to adjust the air while the tube is in the water.
  • A marine ladder shaped to the tube contour.
  • An extra-wide and extra thick spring pad cover to protect the user from springs.
  • A multi-point interior anchoring system that protects jumpers from all anchor lines.

With one chamber, will the Aqua Jump Eclipse sink if it gets a hole?
The Eclipse will not sink if the tube is punctured. Enough air accumulates in the tube to keep the Eclipse components afloat. A single air chamber also provides even distribution of the air around the full perimeter of the product, even if air pressure gets low.

What can I do to keep my product safe from muskrats, mice and other rodents?
Rodents like muskrats may be attracted to the PVC vinyl of our product. When your tube is on the water, maintaining full air pressure during periods of non-use usually prevents them from being able to get a hold of the vinyl to chew on it. However, the best way to solve the problem of nuisance rodents is to remove the temptation by taking the product out of the water at night. Another option is to make the whole area unattractive to rodents by changing the environment, eliminating food sources along the shoreline and making the area less hospitable to their inhabitance.

How do I determine the size of my Aqua Jump Eclipse?
The easiest way to determine which size Eclipse you have is to count the panels. A 12 foot (AJ120) and 15 foot (AJ150) Eclipse have 10 panels, however the 12 foot tube height is 26" and the 15 foot tube height is 36". A 20 foot (AJ200) Eclipse has 14 panels.

I need replacement springs for my Aqua Jump Eclipse. How many do I need for the size?
The 12 foot Eclipse needs 70 (5-1/4") springs.
The 15 foot Eclipse needs 80 (5-1/4") springs.
The 20 foot Eclipse needs 112 (7-1/4") springs.

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